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Morel Stackhouse

Name: Morel Stackhouse
Organization: Morel Stackhouse
Certification Level: Advanced Instructor
Location: Madison, WI
Phone: +1 608-255-0303
Email: morel@morelstackhouse.com
Website: http://www.morelstackhouse.com
Philosophy: "The only person who knows what your body feels like is you. You have the best view, the inside view. I have the outside view. If we communicate and work together, we have the complete view."
Travel: For class listings see: https://morelstackhouse.com/events/


Class Name: Phase 4
Subtitle: Advanced Phase Four for the Lower Extremities
Instructor Name: Morel Stackhouse
Start Date: 10/27/2018
End Date: 10/28/2018
Location: Indian Hill Manor, Rockford, IL
State/Country: IL
Class Description: In this class you will explore the lower extremities in detail. Releases will be shown for the soft tissue structures as well as joints.
Prerequisite: Fundamentals/Phase 4 for Extremities
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Ortho-Bionomy-in-Rockford-IL-116512508370779/
Coordinator: Bonita Fox
Telephone: 815-962-1199
Email: bonitafx@gmail.com
Class Name: Phase 4
Subtitle: OB Fundamentals for the Extremities
Instructor Name: Morel Stackhouse
Start Date: 10/6/2018
End Date: 10/7/2018
Location: Quarry Arts Building, Madison, WI
State/Country: WI
Class Description: OB Fundamentals for the Extremities covers the history, philosophy and basic concepts of Ortho-Bionomy. In this class you will observe and practice specific techniques for releasing imbalances of the shoulder girdle, arm, elbow, wrist and hand; hip, leg, knee, ankle and foot.
Prerequisite: no prerequisites
Coordinator: Bree Schenkel
Telephone: 608-695-5881
Email: bree@deeppilates.com

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