Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Ortho-Bionomy mean?  Ortho-Bionomy for the neck

Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls defined Ortho-Bionomy as the  “The corrective application of the natural laws of life.” The word Ortho-Bionomy comes from:

Ortho = straight or correct
Bio = life
Nomy = study of

What are the Principles of Ortho-Bionomy?
  • No pain to release pain.
  • Move away from pain and towards ease of movement.
  • Exaggerate what the body is already doing or their preferred posture.
  • Less is more.
Where are the nearest practitioners, instructors and classes?

Instructors are located throughout Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Many instructors travel to teach, so you can check your particular location on the "Find a Practitioner" page the or under class listings on the "Find a Class" page.

Is there an Ortho-Bionomy School?

Though there are Massage and Bodywork schools that teach Ortho-Bionomy, there is not a specific school run by the Society of Ortho-Bionomy. Instead, instructors are able to come to or near your community to teach Ortho-Bionomy. In some cities, instructors teach Ortho-Bionomy classes weekly, monthly or quarterly. To find a class in your area click on our "Find a Class" page

I’m doing a research report on Ortho-Bionomy, where can I find more information?
For more technical information, check out the "Shop Now" page where you can purchase books and manuals on Ortho-Bionomy.