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Judith Miller

Name: Judith Miller
Certification Level: Advanced Instructor
Location: Vancouver and Roberts Creek (Sunshine Coast), British Columbia
Phone: 604 564 4561
Mobile Phone: 604 362 3906
Email: judithmiller12@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ortho-bionomy.ca/judithmiller
Qualifications: Master of Medical Sciences. Registered Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. Registered Advanced Instructor and Advanced Practitioner with SOBI and OBAC. Also trained in Quantum Touch and Bowen Technique.
Teaching Subjects: Happy to teach all classes in curriculum, especially Phase 5, Phase 6, Ethics and Emotions, Demo skills, Self Care, classes that integrate the phases as in Advanced Jaw and Pelvis, and Phase 4.
Philosophy: Enjoy supporting individuals to heal from within and learning from every client and student
Biography: Judith Miller has been active in Ortho-Bionomy since 1993. Judith is now practicing and teaching in Vancouver and continues to teach in Ontario, Vernon and elsewhere in Canada and the US as well. Gentle and effective relief from Ortho-Bionomy treatment of a whiplash injury enticed Judith to explore OB. She finds it a fundamental life approach whose principles have changed her life. She loves the easeful nature of the work and the way it empowers the client. Beginning Ortho-Bionomy for sheer interest, she so enjoyed the work that she became a Practitioner, an Advanced Practitioner and then an Advanced Instructor so that she could share her passion for Ortho-Bionomy and help others find balance and comfort through OB. She loves its ability to work with a wide range of clients, from athletes to newborns or folks just fresh from surgery. Judith trained as an osteopathic manual practitioner to enhance her capacity to guide clients towards well being and to understand more fully the roots of Ortho-Bionomy. This work included extensive training in cranial sacral and visceral work. Judith's formation includes a master's degree in Medical Sciences, training as a Gestalt facilitator and intensive training in Chow Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Judith is also a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner. She served in the mentor program on energy and consciousness with Richard Moss. Judith has taught biology, physiology, genetics, bioenergetics, and ecology at various universities, as well as yoga, tai chi and Qi gong. In the past Judith served as ethics and policy advisor at the Medical Research Council of Canada, as science advisor at the Science Council of Canada, as conference coordinator for the Summit Conference on Bioethics and as the founding director of the National Council on Bioethics in Human Research. Judith is Past President of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International®.
Travel: Will travel to teach OB or schedule desired classes in Vancouver or Roberts Creek, BC


Class Name: To Be Announced
Instructor Name: Judith Miller
Start Date:
End Date:
Location: Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto Canada
State/Country: Canada
Class Description:
Coordinator: Judith Miller
Telephone: 604 362 3906
Email: judithmiller12@gmail.com
Class Name: Self Care
Instructor Name: Judith Miller
Start Date:
End Date:
Class Description: Day 2 of limited enrollment 2 day class that addresses physical and energetic self care based on Ortho-Bionomy principles and explores creation of self care for particular individuals and situations Day 1 is Jan. 10.
Prerequisite: None, fits well with many modalities
Website: www.ortho-bionomy.ca
Coordinator: Judith
Telephone: 604 362 3906
Email: judithmiller12@gmail.com

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