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Phase 8 Series: Posture and Post Techniques

By Advanced Instructor Terri Lee

Author/Editor: Terri Lee

Publisher: Phase 8

This presentation focuses on the spine, it’s natural curves, movement, and the dysfunctional patterns which create our postures.  This presentation incorporates Ortho-Bionomy® principles, applying specific techniques that bring intrinsic movement to the spine and rib cage. These principles teach assessment skills. Additionally, they provide tools to integrate the work done during a session. Techniques that work with spinal curvatures like scoliosis and lordosis are presented.  You will learn to evaluate and address these inefficient postural patterns with simple exercises that facilitate a person’s ability to gain and maintain new postural habits.

Everyone can use these simple, easy to learn principles and techniques to help their friends, family and loved ones. We empower ourselves by becoming more aware of the tension patterns held in our bodies. This deeper understanding allows us to feel more comfortable and with greater ease of movement in our bodies as well as our lives.

All of the persons used to demonstrate in this film were evaluated for the first time, in front of the cameras at the time of filming. This was their first experience with Terri Lee and Ortho-Binomy.


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